drug repurposing


NeDRex is an integrative and interactive platform for network-base drug repurposing and disease module identification. More information, tutorials and a download link for the app can be found [here](https://nedrex.net/index.html).


To address the pandemic of the Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19), drug repurposing can be a helpful approach since it offers the possibility to find alternative fields of application for already approved drugs. **CoVex** is the first network and systems medicine online data analysis platform that integrates virus-human interaction data for SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV. It is available as [interactive webtool](https://exbio.wzw.tum.de/covex/). More information and current updates can be found at the [CoVex blog](https://www.baumbachlab.net/exbio-vs-covid-part-1) at the *Chair of Experimental Bioinformatics* website.


The EU H2020 project REPO-TRIAL aims at developing an _in silico_ approach to optimise the efficacy and precision of drug repurposing trials. To this end we integrate heterogeneous data into a comprehensive interactome of disease-drug-gene interactions (a new diseasome) and develop graph-based machine learning approaches to investigate this highly complex data.