NEASE (Network-based Enrichment method for Alternative Splicing Events) is a Python package for the functional enrichment of alternative splicing events. The tool is available on [GitHub](

PySCNet: Preprint released on bioRxiv

A preprint of the paper regarding the PySCNet python toolkit is now available on bioRxiv.


EpiGEN is a Python pipeline for simulating epistasis data. It supports epistasis models of arbitrary size, which can be specified either extensionally or via parametrized risk models. Moreover, the user can specify the minor allele frequencies (MAFs) of both noise and disease SNPs, and provide a bias target distribution for the generated phenotypes to simulate observation bias. EpiGEN is freely available as python 3 package on [GitHub](


Fastlogranktest is a software package providing wicked-fast implementations of the logrank test in C++, R, and Python.


BiCoN is a powerful new systems medicine tool to stratify patients while elucidating the responsible disease mechanisms. BiCoN is a network-constrained biclustering approach which restricts biclusters to functionally related genes connected in molecular interaction networks and maximizes the expression difference between two subgroups of patients. A package for network-constrained biclustering of patients and multi-omics data can also be used. Download and installation instructions can be found [here](